ESDU Corporate Brochure

ESDU Corporate Brochure ESDU provides validated engineering knowledge and best practices to help design engineers solve complex problems and create innovative products. Guided and approved by independent expert Committees, and endorsed by key professional institutions, ESDU's methods are developed by industry for industry.

ESDU Catalogue

ESDU Catalogue The ESDU Catalogue includes a brief overview of ESDU Engineering Methods and Software and the different Series options available. Items are listed by Series, Section, and document number, with a brief summary of each document.

ESDU Automotive Collection Brochure

Automotive Collection The ESDU Automotive Collection consists of a group of design methods, best practices, data and software tools for solving complex Automotive Engineering problems and enabling faster and more reliable decision making during vehicle design. The ESDU Automotive Collection is structured to complement your internal design practices, address gaps in information and provide access to best-in-class industry expertise.

ESDU Ejectors and Jet Pumps Brochure

ESDU Ejectors and Jet Pumps The Ejectors and Jet Pumps brochure provides brief information on each Data Item in the group that treats the different combinations of working fluids (which can be gases, liquids or solids in suspension).

ESDU Aerostructures Engineering Brochure

ESDU Aerostructures Engineering The ESDU Aerostructures Engineering package provides valuable insight and guidance on various aspects of aero-structural design such as structural analysis, fatigue, fracture mechanics, strength of components, vibration, composite structures and metallic material properties.

ESDU Nuclear Package Brochure

ESDU Nuclear Package Brochure The information available in the ESDU Nuclear Package complements the highly conservative design and operating standards and codes used in the nuclear industry. The ESDU validated methodologies provide a reliable source of engineering knowledge for design within the targets set by the International standards and codes. These methodologies are based on measurements, analytical and computational techniques, such as CFD and FEA. The ESDU Nuclear Package represents industry best practice in

  • the thermo-hydraulic and structural design of nuclear power plants and facilities,
  • ventilation systems,
  • noise suppression and environmental impact.