ESDU Controls and Flaps Segment

The ESDU Aerodynamics information contains a wide and ever-increasing range of data and methods applicable to the project design of aircraft, guided weapons, space rockets, etc. Data are given concerning general aerodynamics, including properties of the atmosphere; aerodynamics of airframe components, including the effect of power plant/airframe interactions for propeller-powered and jet aircraft; aerodynamics of the effect of surface imperfections on drag; aerodynamics of controls, flaps and leading-edge devices; aircraft stability, including derivative estimation; and aerodynamics of internal flow systems, including propulsion systems.

The Controls and Flaps Segment focuses on:

  • Controls - Lift, Pitching Moment, Rolling Moment, Drag and Hinge Moment
  • Flaps - General, Lift: Aerofoils, Wings, Curve, Pitching Moment, and Drag