ESDU Process Engineering Technology

Methods and data are presented for use by the process plant engineer, design engineer or consultant dealing with the evaluation or prediction of the performance of process plant equipment and process systems. Computer software and step-by-step calculation methods that indicate the limits of applicability and the limits of accuracy of empirical correlations are included.

Included is information on the cost-effective design and operability of process plant systems including crude oil pre-heat trains and guides on their environmental impact from the perspective of energy use, water use and fouling. Software and methods for the rapid selection, costing, design, performance and retrofit analysis of process heat exchanger are given. Guidance on the selection, design and performance prediction of rotodynamic pumps, jet pumps and fans is given.

Extensive design guidance and correlations for pressure drop and heat transfer prediction are provided for a wide range of pipeline and heat exchanger geometries, components and fittings. Single-phase gas and liquid, two-phase adiabatic, boiling and condensing, non-Newtonian and transient flows are included.