MMPDS-17 Chapter 8

Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization (MMPDS):


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This chapter, while comprising three major parts, primarily is concerned with joint allowables. Part 8.1 is concerned with mechanically fastened joints; Part 8.2, with metallurgical joints (various welding and brazing processes). Part 8.3 contains information for structural component data; it is concerned with bearings, pulleys, and cables.

With particular reference to Part 8.1, the introductory section (8.1.1) contains fastener indexes that can be used as a quick reference to locate a specific table of joint allowables. Following this introductory section are five sections comprising the five major fastener categories, as shown in Table 8.0.1.

Table 8.0.1 Structural Joints Index (Fastener Type)
Section Sub-Section Fastener Type
8.1.2   Solid Rivets   Protruding head   Flush head
8.1.3   Blind Fasteners   Protruding head   Flush head
8.1.4   Swaged Collar Fasteners   Protruding head   Flush head
8.1.5   Threaded Fasteners   Protruding head   Flush head
8.1.6   Special Fasteners   Fastener sleeves   Sleeve bolts

In each of the five major sections, there are subsections that describe the factors to be considered in determining the strength of fasteners and joints. After each major section, pertinent tables are presented.

Similarly, Part 8.2 has an introductory section (8.2.1), followed by two major sections comprising different metallurgical joints as shown in Table 8.0.2.

Table 8.0.2 Structural Joints Index (Joining Methods)
Section Sub-Section Fastener Type
8.2.2   Welded Joints   Fusion   Flush and pressure   Spot and seam
8.2.3   Brazing   Copper   Silver

Following each 4-digit section, applicable tables and figures for the particular section are presented.

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